Designing a new volunteer journey with
Voluntary Action Sheffield

Creating the best volunteer experience with The Volunteer Centre.

As part of the research phase, we need to know more about the volunteer experience with The Volunteer Centre from landing on the website, dropping in, all the way to leaving a volunteer post. 

This will help us design the best digital platform that attracts volunteers and supports their journey. 

Please record the session either with notes here or voice/video recording. 

  1. Sharing our own experiences with volunteering

Have you volunteered before? 

  • What did you love about it? 
  • What did you find frustrating? 

2. Looking at the current website

If the group is large enough, split into two groups to discuss the following.

Give 10-15 minutes and then share with the rest of the team.

Question print out here.

  • Who are the main target audience? (young people, retired, refugees, organisations, etc.)
  • What do you think the Volunteer Centre should be known for?
  • What specific problem does the Volunteer Centre solve as an organisation?
  • Is there anything you find difficult to use on the website? Could anything be improved?
  • What would you like to see more of on the website? Or is there anything you would like to add to the website? (Information/ network/ resources/ directory)
  • What would you like to achieve from this website? What would be your measurement for success? 
  • What would you like the website visitors to do on the site if you had to pick one thing? For example, contact you, go to an event, sign up for a newsletter.

3. The volunteer journey with the Centre

Example of a volunteer journey with Healthwatch Surrey

So we can design a great digital experience for volunteers, it’s important to identify the journey touchpoints with the Volunteer Centre. An example of this is the roadmap Healthwatch Surrey use. 

Let’s identify the touchpoints at the Volunteer Centre and see how we could improve them on the website.

(Divide into two groups if large enough & give 20 minutes).

Make your own roadmap!

  1.  First identify touchpoints the Centre guides volunteers through – there are some prompts below. Use sticky notes! 
  2. Are there any touchpoints you think the Centre should do that currently don’t? 
  3. Write the touchpoints you have identified on the roadmap printout. 

Touchpoint prompts





Moving on





Induction/ training

Signing off


Look at your roadmap

  • What are some problems you think volunteers experience during each touchpoint at the Centre?
  • How could the new website better support them?

Reimagining the volunteer experience 

Now that we’ve identified the volunteer journey and how the new website could better support them, let’s visualise it. 

Get some paper and pens and make a rough sketch of how you think the new website homepage should look! 

If group is big enough, split into two. One group could do the homepage and another the volunteer page for individuals/ organisations.